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FLAVORED Massage Oil Candles $9.95-$12.95

FLAVORED Massage Oil Candles $9.95-$12.95

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Our new line of 100% Natural Kosher Soy FLAVORED Massage Candles is amazing!  
Now AVAILABLE in 1.25 oz Heart or 3 oz Round tin! 
The only way we could think of to improve our already amazing 100% Soy Scented Massage Oil Candles was to add FLAVORS!  
New Chocolate Lava Cake will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Our new Cupcake Frosting tastes just like real rich butter cream! They and our new Creamy Caramel, Bubble Gum, Mai Tai, and Orange Creamsicle join our popular Simply Vanilla, Cherry Kiss, Peppermint, Crisp Green Apple, and Strawberry in the lineup in this amazing line of simple, easy-to-use Massage Oil Candles!

Lightly scented.  Low melt point.  Light wick or set on potpourri or coffee mug warmer.  Melts quickly.  Goes on smooth, non-sticky, non-tacky for amazing sensual massage.
If you don't want flavored, try our Scented Massage Oil Candles.  Also available in unscented/unflavored.

Pour gently on clean dry skin.  Goes on warm.  Massage into skin.  Gently lick and lap to your heart's content!

Creates a thin moisture barrier that when wiped or washed of with warm cloth or in warm shower leaves skin amazingly soft and supple with a hint of your favorite scent!

Perfect for carry-on travel to take some fun and excitement along with you. They all come in non-colored (white).

Use sparingly. A little goes a long way!  1 small tin equals 1-2 full body massages! 
Great gift idea!