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3" Beginner 100% Soy Rainbow Colors Pillar Candles

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100% Natural Kosher Soy Hot Wax Play Pillar CandlesLightly scented.  Low melt point.  Light wick or set in container on potpourri or coffee mug warmer.  Melts quickly.

Same as our original 5" Pillars in a smaller more convenient compact 3" size!

Available in all PRIDE COLORS of the rainbow in our Signature Black Leather Jacket and a variety of other scents.

Pour gently on clean dry skin.  Goes on warm.  Massage into skin.  Goes on smooth, non-sticky, non-tacky.  Creates a thin moisture barrier that when wiped or washed of with warm cloth or in warm shower leaves skin amazingly soft and supple with a hint of your favorite scent!