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Featuring our Signature Black Leather Jacket and other fine scents.

100% Kosher Soy Massage Oil Wax Lightly scented. Lowest-melt point. Melts into a warm oil for soothing, sensual, massage. Pour on. Massage in. Non-tacky. Non-sticky. Easy cleanup. Goes on warm and creates a thin moisture barrier. Washes off with warm cloth or shower. Leaves skin incredibly soft and supple with subtle scent.

NOTE: A good Soy Wax and Soy Wax Blend candle will get "cloudy".  A white film will develop on the surface.  It's called "BLOOM" and this is NORMAL.  All LeatherTyke Products are handcrafted in small batched using the finest ingredients.  Bloom is the sign of a quality Soy candle and should be expected.  It's safe, and NOT mold or toxic.  If you have other questions about any of our candle products click on Contact link at the bottom of any page and send us your questions.  We love to hear from our customers and see your creative, artistic wax play works of art!

Hot Wax Play Candles

Our 100% Kosher-certified Soy Wax BEGINNER Play Wax candles have the lowest melt point of all our products. Wax drips, spreads and cools quickly. Best for wide area coverage. Easily peels and washes off for easy cleanup. Non-staining. Great for those just starting to experiment with Hot Wax Play.

Our special hand-blended INTERMEDIATE Soy-Paraffin Wax Blend has a higher melt point than our beginner candle with a little more bite but cools fast with a little residual heat. A little more flaky but still easy peel off. Non-staining. Great for those who like a little quick heat with fast cool down

Our proprietary hand-blended ADVANCED Soy-Paraffin Wax candles have the highest melt point of any of our play candles. Quick hot sting followed by a slower cooling leaving warming sensation longer. Using a sharp object to flake off and remove is half the fun! Non-staining. Great for those who like a quick sting with a longer residual heat.

NOTE: Good quality soy-based candles will develop a white film called “bloom”. This is normal and does NOT affect the candles performance! All LeatherTykeProducts candles are handmade. Some imperfections should be expected.

Massage Oil Candles!

We now carry a complete line of 100% Soy Wax, low-melt-point, handcrafted scented Massage Oil and Play Candles which make any personal encounter more exciting and intoxicating! All LeatherTyke Products are handcrafted in small batches to insure the highest quality.  

 NEW! UV Fluorescent Wax Play Candles

Fun, sensual, sensation play for beginners and artists!  Like neon body paints, these wax play candles can be mixed and matched to create a masterpiece!  

Visible under regular black light but UV LED really brings out the rich color and makes them GLOW!

These are some of the best hot wax play candles available!   

Drip or pour on clean dry skin.  Quick sting the heat dissipates quickly.  Washes off with warm cloth or in warm shower leaves a sensual long-lasting hint of your favorite scent!