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Bath & Body

Body Wash - Lotion - Aloe Gel and More!

LeatherTyke Products bath and body products line is designed for those who love the scent of leather but can't always dress the part.  When you can't put on your motorcycle jacket or chaps you can still surround yourself with the soft, supple, sensual scent of black leather.

Perfect for leather lovers who live in warm or tropical climates!

LeatherTyke Products Signature Black Leather Jacket scent is spot on!  Our scent is exactly like the scent of a nice well-worn Motorcycle Jacket, Lambskin Gloves or soft, supple Leather Pants.  Leather lovers agree this is one of the best leather scents they've ever found!


  • Our body wash leave your skin clean with the hint of leather.
  • Our Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion leaves your skin soft and supple with a scent that lasts for hours.
  • Our Air and Room Fresheners and Reed Diffusers can keep your entire house or particular rooms filled with the light scent of black leather.
  • Fabric Refreshers can be sprayed around the room or on bedding, drapery, clothing or furniture to create an sensual ambiance.

If you love the scent of leather, we've got you covered!  

All of our products come in a variety of other fine scents including fruits, florals, spices, musks, seasonal fragrances and others.  If you can't find your favorite scent drop us a line and just ask!

We can custom make an entire line of any of our products in your favorite scents at no additional charge!

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