Beginner 100 % Soy Play Wax RAINBOW PRIDE LIPS SET

Beginner 100 % Soy Play Wax RAINBOW PRIDE LIPS SET

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100% Natural Kosher Soy Hot Wax Play LIPS Candles Complete set.

Includes: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Violet

Pick your scent! Lightly scented.  Low melt point.  Light wick or set in container on potpourri or coffee mug warmer.  Melts quickly.  Pours on evenly.  Goes on smooth.  Peels off easily and washes off with hot cloth or in warm shower. Colors look amazing together.  Create a masterpiece!

Available in all PRIDE COLORS of the rainbow in our Signature Black Leather Jacket and a variety of other fine scents.

CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER.  All LeatherTyke Products candles are handmade.  Some are custom-made based on color and scent combination.  Please allow and extra 3-5 business days to custom create this product for shipment

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